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Gill Thorne
Gill Thorne

A year ago, August 2014, I suffered a stroke and spent 5 weeks in Broomfield Hospital, followed by 4 weeks rehabilitation in St Peters followed by 6 weeks ESD (early supported Discharge) at home.  Unfortunately after this I got a very bad virus and a few days later had a fall wrenching my left shoulder very badly (my weak side), so was unable to use my left arm and hand.

I have known Jo for about 14 years and she always was there for me, so I made an appointment and she has been working on my shoulder, arm and hand for 5 months.

Following a fall, I rang Jo and she came to see me, armed with rock tape which she put on my sprained ankle and foot and gave me instructions for using ice pack properly.

That was a week ago and now healed and can walk.  I really cannot thank her enough.  As I said before, she is brilliant at sorting me out in a very professional and friendly way.

She is taking on a new osteopath shortly who has done stroke rehabilitation and putting me on his list.


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