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Massage Therapy

Sports and Remedial Massage

The aim of sports massage is to help you rest, recover and repair, lowering the risk of injury and improving performance. In the event of an injury, sports massage can assist and speed up recovery – helping you to get back on track!

Sports massage directly treats the muscles and joints used in your sport or daily activities. It is set apart from other massage treatments by the skilled application of advanced stretching techniques and neuromuscular technique (trigger point therapy).

Is sports massage just for sporty people?

Definitely not! Sports massage is not just for athletes and active people, it benefits everyone. We all create tension and weakness in our bodies. It is usually the product of poor postural habits, over use at work or from exercise and sometimes just a genetic predisposition.

Sports massage will help with correcting these imbalances, releasing tension, improving tone and muscle function and improving the range of movement you have. It will restore tight sore muscles and joints, to ones that move with pain-free ease, giving freedom from pain and discomfort.

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