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About Us

Joanne Cole BSc (Hons)

Principle Osteopath and Owner

At 18 years old I attended the London School of Osteopathy for five years to train as an osteopath, something that from early teens I had dreamed of doing.  In 2001, I qualified with a BSc Honours degree in osteopathy and set up Blackwater Osteopathic Clinic.

In 2003, I was honoured to be asked back to the London School of Osteopathy to teach, giving lectures in osteopathic techniques, supervising the schools out patient’s clinic and examining all year groups.

In 2006, the successful multi-disciplinary clinic expanded into larger premises and became better known as Blackwater Clinic offering a wide range of alternate and holistic services to its clients.

In September 2015, I proudly opened the doors to my new business venture, Maypole Health. I am the owner and principle osteopath at the clinic and intend to use my passed experiences to run a first class clinic for clients and deliver the best therapeutic packages for individuals.

My special interests lie in neurological diseases and biomechanics.

I have also trained in Dry Needling and Trigger Point Therapy and I am a fully qualified Rock Doc level two.

Joanne is available for appointments on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and alternate Saturdays.


Rae Clancy M Ost


I obtained my masters degree in osteopathy after 4 years of study at the British school of Osteopathy. I have always been interested in treating the human body and find it thoroughly rewarding helping people along their paths to becoming pain free. I have a varied background in sports and have played football to a high level for many years and as such very much enjoy treating sports injuries, as well as long-standing issues and neurological disorders. Previously I have been working with Witham rugby club 1st teams offering a variety of pitch side first aid, injury prevention and rehabilitation.

I am a certified kinesiology (KT) taper.

Rae is available for appointments on Fridays.


Stephen Ward-Lohan


Stephen is a fully registered osteopath, having studied at the London School of Osteopathy, qualifying with a Bachelor of Osteopathy with Honours. Stephen has also supplemented his skillset by gaining a Level 3 qualification in Sports Massage. In addition Stephen has completed a course in Dry Needling with the British Medical Acupuncture Society.

Stephen’s main areas of interest are improving biomechanical function by bringing the body back into balance, rehabilitation and strengthening through exercise and stretching adapted to the individuals needs and abilities. Stephen has a strong belief in the connection between the mind and body in musculoskeletal injuries and how relieving stress can contribute to improved health and wellbeing. He is always enthusiastic in delivering long term resolution to patients’ conditions, with an emphasis on patient involvement in their rehabilitation.

Over the years Stephen has also built up a long history of sports and fitness training, including in yoga and pilates. He has experience in private healthcare, working in multiple osteopathy clinics as well as helping to educate the next generation of osteopaths as a teaching assistant at the London School of Osteopathy.

Stephen has a broad based background having worked in construction as a Plasterer and also as a Licensed London Taxi Driver for many years. Health and fitness have always been an integral part of his life, which has helped form his interest in health and wellbeing.

Stephen is available for appointments on Mondays and Tuesdays.


Jennifer Scotchmer BSc (Hons) Ost

Cranial Osteopathy and Osteopath

I attended the London School of Osteopathy and in 2001 alongside Joanne Cole, qualified with a BSc Honours Degree in Osteopathy.

Prior to qualifying as an Osteopath, I spent ten years working as a qualified nurse at the King George Hospital in Redbridge.

In 2003 I set up The Clinic of Osteopathy in Upminster, which I continue to run seeing a variety of patients from babies, children and the elderly.  I also treat many city workers who benefit greatly from both general osteopathic treatments and cranial osteopathy.  I have a particular interest in treating clients with recurring headaches.

I really enjoy being an Osteopath as I believe treating clients can greatly benefit their general wellbeing through the alleviation of pain, allowing individuals to fulfil their potential and enjoy doing the things they love.

Jennifer is available for appointments on Wednesdays and once a month on a Monday


Laura Codling (Dip SMRT NLSSM)

Sports Massage and Remedial Soft Tissue Therapist and Level Two RockDoc

In 2020 I graduated from the NLSSM with a BTEC Level 5 in Sports Massage and Remedial Soft Tissue Therapy and work both independently and as part of a multidisciplinary team here at Maypole Health. In 2021 I also became a certified Level Two RockDoc in kinesiology taping.

I have always enjoyed learning about human anatomy and this interest grew when I injured myself whilst training for the London marathon a few years ago. It was whilst I was receiving various treatments that I realised I wanted to learn more and gain the skills to be able to help others that were maybe suffering from an injury or just require treatment for their wellbeing and the ability to stay mobile and active.

I am fully insured and a member of the Sports Massage Association (SMA) as well as being registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), which ensures my high level of continual professional development.


Jas Bdesha

Myo Fascial Release Therapist

I’ve worked in the health and beauty industry for many years.  Starting my career as a nurse and then moving into beauty therapy I discovered MyoFascial Release (MFR) in 2012 and was fascinated by what it could do for people suffering from pain and limited mobility.

I embarked on a learning journey that resulted in my being awarded a High Merit Honours for The Professional Diploma in Advanced Clinical and Sports Massage – BTEC Level 6 (degree level) and a Certificate in Advanced MyoFascial Release which includes Indirect Techniques and Structural Fascial Bodywork.

That all sounds very academic, but what it means is that I can help people who are experiencing pain by releasing the fascia (a thin tissue that is wrapped around all our muscles, tendons, ligaments and internal organs).  When we experience pain, it’s often because the fascia becomes stuck and loses its pliability.  Releasing it and restoring its mobility is often the first step to recovery, removing the cause of pain and allowing free movement again.

I’ve carried out research into the impact of MFR on ageing, which was really interesting – it was a positive study.  Ask me about it when you visit.

Jas is available for appointments at Maypole Health on Tuesdays.


Lucy Littlewood BSc (Hons) SMRT

Sport and Remedial Massage Therapist including Oncology Massage

I graduated in 2011 with a degree in Sport and Exercise Performance and I have a level 5 BTEC Diploma in Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy, which I obtained 2016. During both my degree and diploma courses I developed a passion for learning about the human body and I look forward to continuing my education. I enjoy the variety of clients that I see with myriad problems and I learn something from each and every one of them.

I have worked in both the Sports and Education industries since I left school in 2002, in various roles, such as teaching dinghy sailing in the Mediterranean. Alongside my Sports Massage I work in a large secondary school in the Science Department as a Teaching Assistant and run a Dog Walking business.

Lucy is available for appointments at Maypole Health on Tuesdays and Fridays.


Nicky Baker (LSSM Dip Clinical and Remedial Sports Therapist)

Sport and Remedial Massage Therapist.

I trained at the highly respected London School of Sports Massage; a year of intensive study of anatomy and physiology, as well as massage and advanced soft tissue techniques, culminating in obtaining a Level 5 BTEC Diploma in Soft Tissue Therapy. By combining the variety of techniques I have in my ‘toolbox’, I am well placed to assess and treat clients, helping to alleviate pain and restore muscular and postural balance; working with them to help maintain optimal health and the pain-free function of their body.

I’m a big believer that massage can be beneficial to everyone; be you an athlete, a manual labourer or merely someone who appreciates a regular body ‘MOT’; if you want to improve your posture and range of movement, while remaining healthy and active, massage needs to be a part of your life.

I feel very fortunate to have such an exciting and rewarding job, and look forward to meeting you!

Nicky is available for appointments at Maypole Health on Mondays and Wednesdays.


Paul Godfrey MBAcC MRCHM

Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine

Paul has been practising Chinese Medicine since 2002. He studied Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine at the London College of Traditional Acupuncture, and subsequently returned following his graduation as a lecturer and clinical supervisor.

Paul is a member of the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC). Their practitioners practise acupuncture based on Chinese medicine principles that have been developed, researched and refined for over 2,000 years.

Paul also practises acupuncture and Chinese medicine at The Brentwood Acupuncture Clinic.

Paul is available for appointments at Maypole Health on Thursdays.


Dee Witherspoon



My background was in corporate businesses and I was the Head of Training for a blue chip Fund Management Company in London. I found Reflexology in 2010 and have never looked back. After qualifying, I felt as though I had finally found my purpose in life!

I went on to qualify in Indian Head Massage, Hopi Ear Candling and Reiki. I also explored other areas within Reflexology, attending courses in Pregnancy and Fertility Reflexology, Hot Stone Reflexology, Mindful Reflexology, Baby Reflex and Lymphatic Drainage (both Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) and Reflexology Lymphatic Drainage (RLD).  RLD can be particularly successful in reducing lymphodema after surgery where lymph nodes have been removed.

Reflexology is an amazing complementary therapy – it can also work alongside conventional medicine. We all have reflexes on our hands and feet that relate to parts of our bodies. By applying pressure massage to these reflexes it can help de-stress and relax, and help stimulate the body’s own natural healing processes.

Dee can be found here at Maypole Health on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.


Janet van Dam LCH (Member ACCT)

Clinical Thermographer, Low Carb Nutrition Practitioner & Classical Homeopath

My particular interest is in women’s health and metabolic diseases like Diabetes Type II, heart disease and cancer and improving health by reducing inflammation in the body through diet.

Yearly thermal breast health checks and the right nutrition can help lower hormone activity and reverse symptoms of fibrocystic breast disease and lymphatic congestion in the armpits and breast tissue. This combination gives you an all-round service which can help you care for your breasts and body without doing any harm and puts you in charge of your health.

In 2010 I trained as a Clinical Thermographer and Nutritional Coach. I am personally motivated why I chose this profession. My mother died of breast cancer age 51 from a tumour not spotted by mammography and my sister found her own tumours when she was only 28.

Understanding that mammography cannot see well through dense breast tissue in pre-menopausal women, I decided to have a thermal breast screening myself in 2009. I was so impressed with the service that I decided in November 2010 to set up my own mobile clinic offering non-invasive breast (and body) screenings.

Since this time, I have been working in Spain in a private GP practice and throughout East Anglia including the East Anglia Ultrasound Services, hoping to add an extra dimension to breast health care.

Janet is available at Maypole Health by arrangement. Please contact reception for an appointment.


Tami Kay

Part Time Receptionist

I joined the Maypole Health Clinic reception team in April 2019 and you’ll find me working in the clinic on a part time basis on Mondays and Wednesdays. Previously I was lucky enough to be a stay at home mum to raise my children now aged 23 and 19, but now I love coming into work to look after our patients.