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Exercise and Rehabilitation

Exercise is a very important part of the rehabilitation process after injury, illness or surgery, including stroke, heart problems, joint replacements and nerve injury.

However before proceeding without any type of rehabilitation or strengthening exercise programme it is imperative to get an accurate diagnosis of your injury.  This maybe from your osteopath, doctor or specialist consultant.

Before any exercise rehabilitation is prescribed your practitioner will go through, in great detail, your medical history and may require details from your doctors and any x-ray or scan details you may have had.

Appointments are tailored to your individual needs and health requirements and the therapist will give bespoke exercise regimes and training sessions.  These will be developed to specifically aid in the maintenance of medical conditions and rehabilitation from acute injuries and ailments.

Most rehabilitation programs will go through an acute stage, immediately after injury, a middle or rehabilitation stage where the aim is to regain normal movement and strength and finally a functional or sports specific phase where exercises are more relevant to the activity.

Sometimes appointments may contain an element of massage, stretches and exercise.  These appointments can also be used in conjunction with massage or osteopathic treatments.

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