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Medical Thermography Wickford

Interested in medical thermography? Wickford residents can discover more by booking an appointment at Maypole Health – a complementary health clinic specialising in alternative therapies.

Our friendly team of qualified professionals use medical thermography to identify risk factors, identify sources of pain, and detect potential diseases through the power of infrared imaging.

To make an appointment for medical thermography, Wickford residents should look no further than Maypole Health – call 01621 88 80 80, email, or fill out our online enquiry form.

Understanding medical thermography – Wickford

Medical thermography is a non-invasive way of measuring and displaying body surface temperature. Similar to ultrasound and mammography, it is also known as Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging or DITI.

The reason why it works to detect cancer is because tumours have an increased blood flow and produce more blood vessels in order to maintain cellular growth. Therefore, life-threatening diseases can be picked up incredibly early and dealt with quickly.

In fact, medical thermography can assist in the detection of breast cancer up to eight years before mammography and other conventional diagnostic modalities.

Here’s more reasons to consider medical thermography:

  • Early detection – Increase your chance of overcoming breast disease by picking it up early.
  • Zero radiation – There’s no need to worry about radiation with medical thermography.
  • Non-invasive – The process of medical thermography is similar to taking a photo with minimal human contact required.
  • Totally safe – Medical thermography is painless, discreet and involves no injections or medication.
  • Value for money – When compared to other diagnostic imagining procedures, medical thermography is very affordable.
  • Reliable and far-reaching – The thyroid and lymph glands in the armpits, often involved in breast disease, can be picked up by medical thermography.
  • Extremely versatile – Thermography can be used by women of all ages, from pre-adolescence to post-menopausal women.

Medical Thermography – Wickford local information

The town of Wickford in Essex, which falls within the Borough of Basildon alongside Basildon, Billericay, Laindon and Pitsea, has a population of more than 33,000. Thanks to its direct connection to Liverpool Street station through the Southend Victoria line, it has become a commuter town serving the City of London.

The town itself is relatively small, but local amenities include a swimming pool, library, open-air market, community centre, and several shops along the main high street. Wickford also incorporates the small estate of Shotgate, which features a row of village shops as well as a children’s play area and park.

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