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International Osteopathic Healthcare Week, 15th – 22nd April
International Osteopathic Healthcare Week, 15th – 22nd April

What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a holistic system of medicine dating back to the 1800’s. As a holistic therapist, an Osteopath will consider anything that could influence your body be it age, morphology, occupation, hobbies or other life style choices.

Addressing the body via the nervous system, soft tissues and joints, our aim is to allow the body to use its own self -healing mechanism to restore balance and harmony. We consider the fact that no single body park works in isolation and our approach to diagnosis and treatment reflects this.
Due to the variety of techniques used, we are able to treat a wide range of patients from babies to the elderly, inactive to the elite sports professional.

All Osteopaths complete a degree, allowing them to diagnose and treat as independent health care professionals and all Osteopaths have to be registered with the General Osteopathic Council who ensure we comply with strict regulatory requirements.

It is thought that there are up to 30,000 osteopathic appointments attended every day. These are for a wide range of symptoms including pain, arthritis and headaches. Appointments are attended by a wide range of people, including pregnant women and babies.

It is thought that 30.8 million working days are lost each year in the UK alone. In the workplace, poor posture can contribute to these aches and pains. We often sit for long hours at a desk, drive for long periods or lift awkwardly and repeatedly.

An Osteopath may diagnose a problem and be able to advise you about aggravating or maintaining factors for your diagnosis and advise on how to try and eliminate some of these issue or make changes that will be beneficial.

With the many hours some people work, along with childcare, stresses at home etc, often the last thing we do is look after ourselves. It is only when we start to suffer do we think about slowing down and focusing on our health.

The practice of Osteopathy is to optimise the environment for health in those that seek treatment, using manual therapy and giving guidance about general health and exercise.

Here at Maypole Health, our Osteopaths work as part of an integrated multidisciplinary team. Whether we need a Podiatrist to help with biomechanics, an Acupuncturist for pain relief, Reflexologist for destressing or other modalities to address other issues affecting your health, our aim is to achieve the healthiest “you”. If you are already at your optimum, you may want to have a regular sports massage or get advice with our exercise therapist about technique in the gym.

Alongside our therapists, to continue your rehabilitation (if it’s appropriate), we offer small group Pilates, Yoga and over 65 classes.

Our Pilates instructors will talk through your general health and musculoskeletal problems. As the classes are small (usually 8) the instructor can adjust each exercise to suit your individual needs.

For more information on any of our therapies or classes, please call 01621 888080 for more information.
Regardless of your needs, let us tailor make your therapy because your health matters.

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