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Cranial Osteopathy

Cranial Osteopathy Essex

Have you been exploring the health benefits of cranial osteopathy? Essex-based Maypole health specialises in the treatment of complementary therapies such as cranial osteopathy, which can help patients of all ages in a variety of ways.

Cranial osteopathy has been known to release tension and stress in the head and throughout the body by applying light pressure to specific areas.

For more information or to discover the benefits of cranial osteopathy, Essex locals should get in touch with Maypole Health – call 01621 88 80 80 or email

In principle and practice – cranial osteopathy – Essex

The fundamental principle of cranial osteopathy is to allow the body to make its own changes from within. Although effective for people of all ages, it is especially effective in the treatment of babies and children due to the gentle techniques used.

During treatment, the osteopath might appear to be very still and their hands will hardly move. However, some patients can feel the treatment working inside their body straight away. For others, it is more of a relaxing experience that induces sleep.

Maypole Health’s friendly team of osteopathic physicians will take the time to understand your health circumstances before tailoring their treatment accordingly. In order for treatment to work, the osteopath must develop a highly acute sense of palpation to understand what your body requires.

FAQs about cranial osteopathy – Essex

  • What does treatment feel like?

The osteopath will place a very light touch on your head and spine before using gentle non-invasive pressure. There is no sensation of pain or any other activities while the osteopath is performing these manoeuvres on your body.

  • How often should I receive a treatment?

A lot depends on your own situation, but treatment could be recommended once or twice a week on an outpatient basis. As your condition improves, treatments may reduce in frequency.

  • Who is cranial osteopathy best suited to?

As a non-invasive treatment, it is suitable for people that may struggle to undertake other forms of manual therapy. For example, new born babies, the elderly and people suffering from chronic illness.

Cranial osteopathy – Essex information

The county of Essex has an estimated population of 1,820,400 – the 7th most populous in England. It borders Suffolk and Cambridgeshire to the north, Hertfordshire to the west, Kent across the estuary of the River Thames to the south, and London to the south-west.

Noteworthy landmarks in Essex include Colchester Zoo, Colchester Castle, Audley End House and Gardens, RHS Garden Hyde Hall, Clacton Pier and Hylands House.

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