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Instructor – Mine Hilmi

  • Wednesday morning      9.30am – 10.30am                          Group Yoga Class, Suitable for all levels.
  •  Sunday morning               10.30am – 1.30pm                           Mini Yoga Retreat, Suitable for all levels.

Please contact Mine Hilmi on 07811 203981 or email

For more information on Mine and the benefits of Yoga visit

Instructor – Aly Stringer

  • Friday morning      9.30am – 10.30am                          Hatha Yoga, suitable for all levels.

Please contact Aly Stringer on 07493 348248 or email

For further information on Aly and the benefits of Hatha Yoga please visit

What can Yoga do for me?

Yoga, meaning ‘to unite’ or ‘to yoke’, is an ancient practice from India which brings the mind, the body and the breath together in harmony. Working through postures and linking the movements with the breath, you will begin to notice areas of the body that may be holding tension, stress and through Yoga be able to release these areas.
A class at Maypole Health will take your spine through the full ranges of movement to help keep the spine supple and flexible as well as working on any areas that may be in need of some gentle help. Yoga will help to develop muscle strength and flexibility, as well as improving posture, promoting better sleep, helping to reduce stress and anxiety, better balance, a general toning up of the whole body – the benefits are endless!

Yoga has been used to help with new and old injuries and as a further aid in the rehabilitation of many people. The gentle stretching, reconnecting and understanding of your body helps you to be able to be more in-tune and know what is right and what isn’t.

What happens in a Yoga class?

The class starts lying on the floor, or sitting, depending what is more comfortable for you. We begin to notice how the body is feeling, any areas of tightness, and beginning to notice how we are breathing. After a few minutes becoming settled we begin some gentle movements and stretches before making our way to standing.

From standing we work through some postures focusing on all ranges of the spine before slowly making our way down to lying or sitting for some loving and gentle back-bends and twists, before coming back to lying reconnecting with our breath.

Who can do Yoga?

Anyone can do Yoga! You do not need to be flexible or strong as Yoga will gradually build up your strength, co-ordination and balance. You may find that you notice the differences after the first class or after a few sessions, just know that you are doing something amazing for your body and mind!