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Personal Training

Personal Training can benefit everyone in different ways, from training for a specific race or event to just wanting to improve your health and activity levels.

These sessions are ideal for people training within a certain sport, people recovering from an injury or operation or people who just feel they need to be fitter and healthier going forward.

Sessions are tailored to your individual needs and health requirements and the therapist will work with you to ensure your personal fitness goals are met.  The sessions will combine a variety of exercises, workouts and nutritional advice.

A good diet will help achieve your target, whether that is to lose weight, bulk up or compete to the best of your ability. As part of the training, your diet will be assessed and advice given on what changes are needed to get optimum results.

Your diet does not need to be boring, the key to a healthy diet is choosing the right foods and having plenty of variety. Eating at the right times is also very important to ensure your body is fuelled at the right times to prevent the build up of fat.

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