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Therapy through hypnosis has been used for thousands of years with records showing its use by the ancient Greeks.

Therapy begins with the use of relaxation techniques to induce a state of trance.  Trance is a natural state of the mind and one we all experience everyday of our lives.  It is a state of altered awareness and allows the subconscious mind open to positive suggestions and is a fast, effective method of communication with the subconscious to change limiting beliefs and to break for self-imposed barriers we sometimes put in place.

Hypnotherapy helps to reprogram patterns of behaviour within the mind, which then enables irrational fears, anxiety, phobias, negative thoughts and suppressed emotions to be overcome.

In terms of Weight Loss and Weight Management, the use of Hypnotherapy in the Virtual Gastric Band Programme can be used to bring about a permanent change in the way a client thinks about food and therefore reduce the client’s BMI and risk of developing Diabetes.

The Medical Profession has come to realise that it is impossible to separate the mind from the body, and that negative emotions, such as stress, anxiety and depression have a knock on effect upon the body’s physical wellbeing and are using Hypnotherapy to deal with these negative emotions and help the body to heal.

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